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*Let Me Give Your 5 reasons to rebrand your PDR business

Have I told you the story of how I went from a failing PDR business to being THE trusted dent removal and hail repair expert in my market?

It all started with rebranding.

After the recession back in 2008, people stopped buying cars. My client base dried up. I spent tens of thousands of bucks on marketing—and got only TWO one-off customers out of it. Ouch.

One afternoon, I looked at one of my Google ads critically. This thought hit me:
“Would *I* hire my own business?? NO WAY.”

My image sucked.

My company looked generic.

And my brand screamed “cheapest price in town—and cheapest quality.”

Since then, I’ve rebranded my business. EVERYTHING has changed as a result. Now, whenever a storm hits, and hail dents the roofs and hoods of every car in town, I get literally hundreds of phone calls every. single. WEEK.

If you’ve tried advertising and promoting your PDR business but haven’t seen the results, it may be time for a change. . .

Exclusive Review

    Derek Yost 

    "There is just not enough good things I can say about this event. If you thinking about attending I can tell you its well worth every penny! !"
    5 reasons to rebrand your PDR business by John Highley’s Top 5 Reasons to Rebrand Your PDR Business

    1. Customers are “sold” on you before you ever meet. If you have photos and videos of you working on muscle cars and high end vehicles, people trust you to work on their own cars, too. That’s how you build rapport with your ideal buyers long before they talk to you over the phone or in person. 

    2. Easily justify higher prices. To get PAID like the best, you have to LOOK like the best. Quality attracts quality. It’s easy to tap into the direct retail hail market when people perceive your brand as the “go-to” PDR company in your market.

    3. No more hagglers. When you feature yourself in videos repairing dents and fixing hail damage on rare, unique, custom (and expensive) cars, coupon-clippers look elsewhere. Spend more time doing work you love, not arguing with bargain-hunters!

    4. Never worry about “feast or famine” cycles. When people think of you as the ONLY PDR company worth hiring, you’ll never worry about running out of work. After rebranding, my company got so many phone calls I had to hire TWO part-time assistants!

    5. When there’s a storm, everyone takes their cars to you. After you rebrand and become “top of mind” in your market, when hail hits, everyone comes to you. Rebranding is the difference between a few thousand dollars in revenue, and literally millions of dollars. 

    What about you?

    Have you thought about rebranding your PDR company?

    If not, I want to know why—seriously, hit reply and tell me.

    I read every email I get. And who knows, I just might answer your question in my next Facebook Live!

    Exclusive Review

    Barry Clark

    "After 30 years I wasn't sure i wanted to do PDR anymore.  I was considering retiring. Since the Mega Media Event my passion for PDR has been re ignited. Im so glad I attended this event!"
    Get Results Like Michael Hall
    “They took a dream I had and made it reality.”

    Michael Hall

    "The Mega Media Event Took A Dream I Had And Made It A Reality Within Weeks. The after support has been amazing,  John & Myke Truly Care!"
    Did you catch that?

    “They took a dream I had and made it reality.” 

    That’s what Michael Hall told me after attending last year’s MEGA Media Event for PDR company owners.

    The fact is, most PDR businesses struggle. Their owners dream about a better future, where the phone rings off the hook, high end customers keep profits consistent, and people contact them (and ONLY them) for hail damage repair whenever a storm hits.

    That’s not reality for most guys in the industry.

    But thanks to the 2017 MEGA Media Event, for Michael, IT IS.

    In just 3 days, Michale got a professional photoshoot with exotic vehicles to position him as a high end PDR business, he learned how to create a permanent pipeline of eager buyers using the internet, he launched a website that makes people perceive him as the undisputed PDR leader in his market, and a LOT more.

    In other words, the MEGA Media Event turned Michael's dream. . .into his reality.

    I am PASSIONATE about getting you results just like Michaels. That’s why my business partner and I are launching the 2018 MEGA Media Event this April.

    On location in Arlington, Texas, from April 5th through 7th, we’re going to give you the keys to a high end PDR brand. All you have to do is drive it.

    You’ll come away from this event with:

    insider training on how to win high paying retail business in literally HOURS (not weeks)
    4K videos featuring you working on high end vehicles
    a transformed website and social media presence
    professional photo shoot featuring you and your company logo
    . . .and much, MUCH more!

    If you’re looking to transform your business, bring your marketing into the 21st century, and position yourself as the ideal choice for your ideal clients, the 2018 MEGA Media Event is for YOU.

    Go to the registration page now—we have VERY limited seating.

    Tickets may already be sold out by the time you read this. If not, reserve your spot today.

    The 2018 MEGA Media Event can mean the difference between getting only 10 new customers this year, and 100 new customers. . .by summer.

    It's Your choice.

    Paul Kordon

    "When I attended the Mega Media Event I was very impressed with the organization and quality of the information that was presented."
    Now let me ask you a question…
    Would you like to get access to our Mega Media Event – and to a future where everything in that list happens for your business – for less than the cost of a professional photo shoot?

    And way less than a professional video shoot?
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    • Social Media Training
    •  Web Development Training
    •  Estimating Training
    •  Google Adwords Training
    •  Advanced Facebook Ads Training
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    * Professional Photo Shoot On High End Vehicles ($4925 Value)
    10 Action Shots

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    BONUS #4
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    You’ll be able to put “New Media” to use to immediately score more high-paying clients than you ever have before.
    You’ll become “the MAN” in your retail market.
    And you’ll never have to rely on low-paying wholesale clients to keep the lights on EVER again.
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    If You Follow Our Action Guide & our Mega Media Event doesn't show you exactly how to create a new image for your business…
    If our Mega Media Event doesn’t take you by the hand, step-by-step to skyrocket your revenue…
    If our Mega Media Event fails to make you stand out as the go-to leader in your market…
    Then you’ll receive a full refund. 
    But this deal won’t last forever. You must act now because:
    • We have very limited seating
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    Brice Rockhill

    "This has been an all around great experience for myself and my company. I was a hail chaser for many years after coming home from the mega media event Im doing enough local retail to keep me home."
    Imagine how much your business – and your life – will change once you’ve tapped into the lucrative high end retail market.

    Literally one hail damaged vehicle will more than pay for your ticket... 

    After that, our system is pure profit. 
    So claim your seat right now. and you'll be taken to the secure order form. 
    After you put in your credit card information, you'll be able to claim your ticket to our Mega Media Event.
    Let's be blunt:
    If you pass on this offer, will you succeed with the re-branding that your company desperately needs?

    Will you stand our at the undisputed Hail Damage Leader in your market? 
    Probably not!
    You'll just keep struggling, wasting time and money, and you’ll never figure out how to tap into the lucrative retail / hail market.
    At least…not for $2,977. You could try it on your own and spend hundreds of thousands of dollars like we did.
    But I wouldn’t if I were you. 

    We created the Mega Media Event because I wish *I* would have had it 9 years ago.
    That’s why your ticket gets you exclusive VIP access to zero-fluff trainings and put-a-fire-under-you motivation from someone who has successfully “been there and done that.”
    As a reminder, here is what you get with your Mega Media Event ticket:

    • Professional Photography – PhotoShop enhanced files
    •  4K Premium Video Shoot – Custom video with YOU as the Star
    •  2-3 High End Vehicle Photo Shoot 
    •  Advanced Social Media Training
    •  Advanced Web Development Training
    •  Estimating & Hail Logistics Training
    •  Google Ad Training
    •  Facebook Ad Training
    •  And MUCH More 
    BONUS #1
    Professional photo shoot with exotic vehicles ($4,926 Value)
    BONUS #2
    4K premium video production including a customized “What Is PDR?” video featuring YOUR company ($3,728 Value)
    BONUS #3
    10+ audiovisual trainings and action guides ($8417 Value)

    BONUS #4
    * Lifetime access to our mentorship group ($3677 Value)

    That puts the total value of your ticket at $20,748. 
    Never before have you had such a unique opportunity to have me take you by the hand and help you tap into the lucrative hail damage retail market.
    Act now so you can create a new business image, skyrocket your sales, and stand out as the go-to leader in your market just like I did.
    This entire live event offer will be sold for $20,748 but your MTE Only price is only $3977  $2977.
    So click “BUY NOW” before tickets sell out and we have to 6X the price.

    “Today I am the most referred PDR company in Baltimore.”
    Let me give that subject line some context…

    When I met Arslan, he’d recently emigrated to the US, worked in a paper mill, and ran a side hustle buying, repairing, and selling used cars.

    But he wanted more—more for his family, more for his career.

    So I took him under my wing, taught him the fundamentals of PDR, and invited him to attend last year’s MEGA Media LIVE event.

    At the event, Arslan got:

    - insider training on how to win high paying retail business in literally HOURS (not weeks)

    - 4K videos featuring Arslan working on high end vehicles

    - everything he needed to generate appointments from his website and social media

    - professional photo shoot featuring Arslan and his brand new company logo

    - . . .and much more to launch his PDR company

    Less than 1 year later, Arslan told me he’s now the #1 “most referred PDR company in Baltimore,” beating out a competitor with 14 total locations. Insane!

    Arslan took everything he learned at MEGA Media LIVE to grow his business, and he now has over 100 5-star reviews on Google. Unbelievable.

    Well, actually, it’s NOT unbelievable; Arslan just took what we gave him at MEGA Media LIVE and did something with it. It’s that simple.

    If you want to be the next Arslan, take action like he did.

    Reserve your spot at MEGA Media Live 2018.

    The fact is, you are 3 days away from owning the PDR company of your dreams.

    Arslan didn’t even HAVE a PDR company when he came last year. Today, he’s the go-to dent repair expert for a city of nearly 3,000,000 people!

    Be like Arslan. Grab your seat at MEGA Media Live 2018.

    John Highley
    BONUS - OVER $25,000 In Tool Giveaways!
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